Welcome to X-Quest

X-Quest is a Private Endless-Online Server built by Arnilla Studios. Endless-Online is a  2D isometric pixel art MMORPG created in the early 2000's. The official game and server came to an end a few years back but continues to live on through private servers such as X-Quest.
X-Quest contains most of the Original Endless-Online features whilst also adding NEW features periodically.

Players will be able to create up to 3 characters per account, Players will be able to Level up their characters by defeating Monsters and completing Quests.
Some X-Quest Features include Fishing, Mining, Woodcutting, Crafting as well as a fun Pet system that will allow players to find Pet companions that will follow the player and help defeat Monsters as well as pick up items for the player. There are many other features in X-Quest waiting to be discovered!

Earn NFT's

With the growth of the internet in recent years NFT's have become more popular within the gaming industry.

Players of X-Quest will be able to find Rare items such as Armor and Weapons that will boost the stats of their character. Alternatively Players who find such items will be able to exchange them into NFT's via a manual swap process through the Arnilla Studios Discord Server.

These NFT's can then be listed on the Sologenic NFT Marketplace which can then be sold to other players. NFT's of in game items can be burnt and exchanged for the in game asset that they represent. This feature adds a Play-To-Earn utility to X-Quest allowing players to earn crypto just by playing X-Quest!

We will also be able to host NFT giveaways for players to receive rare in game items that are not obtainable through normal gameplay.

Emerald Baby Xzilla Pet NFT
Baby Xzilla pets can be obtained by killing the Xzilla Boss in X-Quest
Gather Resources for Crafting
Players can hunt Crafting resources via Fishing, Mining, Woodcutting
Players can receive Memberships for their Character by holding Arnilla Studios NFT's.
Memberships will give the player extra EXP % when defeating Monsters as well as rare Members only items.
One of these items is the Member's Scroll, which will allow the user to warp to the Member's Area, A place that will be a hub for Members to gather as well as a convenient spot to then warp to key locations throughout X-Quest via Warp Portals.
Start Your Adventure Today!
Connect with other Players to complete Quests and take on a variety of Monsters. Grind for Weapons, Armour and other items to Boost your stats or Sell your in game items as NFT's on the Sologenic NFT Marketplace

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