X-Quest Memberships

In game Memberships are available to players who own Arnilla Studios NFT's.

Memberships are available in 3 Tiers:
Membership level 1 (1 nft)
Membership level 2 (5 nfts)
Membership level 3 (10+ nfts)

Each Membership has its own perks that include a bonus EXP percentage per Monster kill as well as Member only items.

Membership level 1 (Scav Bow Weapon + 5% Bonus EXP)
Membership level 2 (Holy Scepter + 20% Bonus EXP)
Membership level 3 (Choice of Panda or Turtle Costume depending on character gender + 35% Bonus EXP)

Members will also get Access to the Members Area. This is a place that will allow players to access convenient features like Bank Storage, Supply Merchant, as well as Warp Portals that will allow Member players to Warp to Key Locations throughout X-Quest.

To Access the Members Area, Members will need the "Members Key" this Key will allow them initial access via the Strange Scientist Pet Shop, once in the Members Area players will be able to buy "Members Scrolls" which they can use to quickly Warp Back to the Members area at any Moment.

Players can obtain their Membership rank by notifying one of the Arnilla Studio Dev's via the Arnilla Studios Discord. Memberships will be applied on the following Server Reboot.

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